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About Us

Love and Themes Jewellery is  created to provide customers with fine, sustainable and ethically crafted jewelry by highly skilled jewelers and artisans. Our Jewelry is manufactured in New York, and Los Angeles, USA and Mumbai, Indian. 

Our pieces will allow our customers to engage in the purchasing of jewelry that makes them feel good while giving back to the planet in the process and support other worthy causes.




Our Mission is to create beautifully crafted pieces that you can treasure every day. A portion of our proceeds are given towards worthy social and environmental causes.


 Our Vision for Love and Themes Jewellery provides well-crafted, and stunning jewelry that gives back to worthy causes.

We are currently curating some beautifully crafted pieces from other fine jewelry brands.

Our Process 


                                                   Sustainability is the heart of our brand

In the creation of our jewelry brand, we have entered into partnerships with small scale jewelry manufacturers within the United States and Asia. We have also partnered  with manufacturers who are part of  the International organizations such as the  Responsible jewelry Council or ISO certified to ensure that our jewelry is made in an ethical and sustainable manner.




                                             Creating premium ethical pieces is part of  our ethos


Our jewelry designs are only created with a curated set of sustainable and ethical partners. In our process illustrations of our jewelry are made. Our Manufacturing partners either hand make each pieces which is hand crafted by a master jeweler or 3d models of our pieces are created then cast. After the pieces have been cast or  carefully forged, each piece is carefully inspected packaged and shipped to our customers. Our Materials offer a mixture of stones and metals are either recycled, and fair mined or traded. Some of our designs also have some lab grown gemstones. Find out more about our materials. 


                                                   Giving Back to the Planet

We have partnered with NGOs to give back to charitable causes. Each of our customers will have the opportunity to buy one of a kind pieces which give back to the plant. We will take a portion of the proceed to plant trees or support 1% for the planet. We want our customer and partners to collaborate and co design pieces that go towards our charitable causes. All submissions are welcome. We hope to add more NGOs and organizations as our company grows.


Our Jewelry is crafted from 14k or Sterling Silver sustainably sourced from fairmind or fairtrade partners or reclaimed recycled metal from vintage jewelry. All unsold jewelry will be recycled to create new pieces for future collections. 


All of our gemstones have been ethically sourced through the using ethical suppliers or lab created gemstones and diamonds. The diamonds used in our collections our conflict free or created


 Transparent sourcing and Ethical packaging

Our main objective as a brand is to create sustainable and ethical jewelry that is both beautiful and gives back. To this end, we also want to be transparent process and materials. Transparent sourcing in the jewelry industry is not easy however, we want consumers to know where and how we source our materials.



Creating ethical and sustainable packing is also important to us. Our shipping packing is eco friendly and recyclable but our velvet pouches have been included with your purchase to ensure that your jewelry will stand the test of time.

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Jewelry Collaborations 

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